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There’s no question that a natural and organic approach makes sense when it comes to choosing your food. The same can be said for other products you put on your body. Specifically, skin care...

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The summer is defined by scents, from the freshly laundered cotton clothing hung outside to dry to the sweetness of coconut and pineapple. Smells are a powerful agent for memories - one whiff of suntan lotion can bring you back to your childhood, or catching a waft of blooming lilacs reminds you of the summer you fell in love with your sweetheart.... Niche beauty destination


What’s in Your Favourite Beauty Product? Skin care has earned so much clamor the past years, and it appears that people nowadays are paying more attention to what goes on in their bodies as effects of the skin care ingredients found in the cosmetics they use.


What you can’t smell can harm you – unscented cosmetic, household and personal care items leave out one detail – they contain a fragrance to mask the toxic odors of the chemical poisons...