Victorian Garden in the 1800's

The Victorian Garden Products

Victorian Garnden develop products with love and respect for the earth and all products are made with as near 100% natural and organic ingredients as possible. Ingredients are all biodegradable many are Vegan friendly and are formulated with plant-derived ingredients. We choose not to use parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates (SLS), pthelates, formaldehydes, synthetic preservatives, silicones, talc, genetically modified ingredients and animal by-products.


"What a truly genteel life it was for those who lived during the Victorian era who were fortunate enough to enjoy wealth, either through "old money" (inherited) or through their own labours - money enough to enjoy a very comfortable existence. Reading the famous "Glover" diaries - packed with fascinating information on my great great grandfather Edmund Glover and his daughter, my great grandmother Frances Jane Glover-Anderson's lives during the 1800's - is a poignant experience – these ancient diaries were the inspiration behind The Victorian Garden products of today as we recreate traditional Victorian skincare products from that era using original recipes dating as far back as 1860. Both diaries span a period beginning around 1837 and finish in the 1850's.

The diaries are encased in a beautiful soft leather banded with gold edges and are still to this day in excellent condition although they are more than 170 years old. The spidery copperplate handwriting written in traditional liquid ink is difficult to read until one's eyes adjust to the sloping flowery writing. Life was hard for many people during these times and easy and affluent for the wealthy. My great grandfather, Stephen Anderson, was a partner in the British East Indian Shipping Company during the 1800's and travelled frequently to India to source wonderful Indian wares such as exquisite pure silks, handmade lace, tobacco, Indian tea (expensive, and much sought after amongst the European aristocracy), herbs and spices, exotic essential oils and plant extracts, dried fruits and foodstuffs, which were shipped back to England and Europe.

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Hair Masques – Where We Go Wrong

Product Focus: Hair Masques
Hair masques can be your saving grace when your hair is dry and damaged or if you’re trying to grow your hair long but healthy. In our quick-fix and fast-paced lives we expect an instant solution, but true results in hair care come from consistent routine and correct use of a product.

A hair masque differs to a conditioner in that it restores manageability from inside the hair shaft, whereas a conditioner cares for the outside. To penetrate the hair it therefore takes more time for a hair masque to do it’s job. This is especially true for natural masques which work in nature’s time, it takes as long as it needs to work!

Here are some tips and suggestions to get the most out of your hair treatment:

1. Consistency is key:

Think “prevention is better than cure” here too, getting into a routine of applying a hair masque weekly is the best way to keep your hair in shape and prevent damage. If your hair is already damaged or dried out, a routine treatment will improve hair condition with each use. You can use Victorian Garden Hair Masques as often as required until your hair regains condition.

2. Give it the time it deserves:

Don’t rush a hair treatment, a quick slather and 2 minutes on the scalp will most likely not be enough time for the masque to do it’s job. We recommend leaving your masque on your hair for at least 20 minutes. Use the time to unwind in the tub, or for a great result wrap hair in a towel for 20 minutes while you do other things around the house, the towel will trap in heat helping the repair process too. It can also be very beneficial to sleep with the masque in your hair overnight! Apply to wet hair, then apply masque, leave to dry and then go to bed. Wash out with shampoo the following morning as usual.

3. Use enough product and massage!

Make sure you use enough of the masque to coat each strand of hair, 1 – 2 tablespoons for mid-length hair. Then massage well into the hair and scalp, you can flip your hair over while you do this, massaging the scalp upside down to boost blood circulation.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and slather on a hair masque every week and start enjoying the benefits!

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