phskincare1Using cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals can lead to dire health consequences down the road. If you're trying to live a clean, green life it only makes sense to seek out non-toxic, all natural options.

phskincare1The best natural soap depends on your skin type and desired treatment. Oily and acne prone, dry or sensitive skin are the most frequently seen in any practice.

untitledAs the temperature rises in the body, thousands of sweat glands begin to bead up, preparing to cool the body down. The average person possesses about 2.6 millions sweat glands -- a built in thermostat. This system is made up of eccrine glands and apocrine glands.

sunsmart mike clague blogNothing beats the feeling of pure, warm sunlight on your skin, especially after a cold and dreary winter. We often take for granted the life-giving power of the sun and completely ignore its many health benefits.

Org TomatoesWhat do you think when you hear about stem cells?