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It’s an important protein for connective tissue throughout the body. Without healthy collagen, we can show signs of aging quickly and we can weaken internally. This has nothing to do with consuming collagen.
Rather, we need to build healthy collagen.

One of the greatest mistakes in the medical industry today is the trend encouraging people to consume supplemental collagen, thinking that it will enter our digestive tract and miraculously find its way to our skin and connective tissue and fill in for human collagen. This is yet one more theory that falls under the old belief system from hundreds and hundreds of years ago that stated that if you had an ailing kidney, you should eat an animal kidney; if you had an ailing liver, you should eat liver; if you had an ailing eyeball, you should eat a sheep’s eyeball. Where did that get us? Not far! We’re still living in the Dark Ages if we think that eating supplemental collagen is going to fill in for our own. The reason trend-makers make this mistake is that the medical industry doesn’t have a handle on why our collagen weakens or diminishes in the first place.

The truth is that the collagen we rely on in our connective tissue and skin is created by nutrients that come from plant foods: leafy greens, fruits, and even tubers, rhizomes, and root vegetables. If we have a high toxic load, it becomes destructive to this process. The weakening of collagen throughout your body is determined by how much pathogenic material is floating around in your bloodstream and how toxic your liver is with troublemakers such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides have a direct reaction with collagen, injuring it and shrinking it. Viruses in the herpetic family (such as herpes simplex 1 and 2, EBV, shingles, cytomegalovirus, HHV-6, HHV-7, and the undiscovered HHV-10 through HHV-16) tend to release a tremendous amount of neurotoxins in the liver and other organs and glands. Some of them produce dermatoxins, too. That waste matter saturates connective tissue, which saturates collagen. The viral waste slows down the development of new collagen cells while weakening and breaking down existing healthy collagen. This can even go so far as to cause connective tissue conditions.

If someone is high in toxic heavy metals, it can amplify these effects and injure collagen even more. None of this is known by medical research and science or by the collagen suppliers of the supplement world. They don’t realize that swooping in with supplemental collagen doesn’t solve the above, and actually makes it worse. They don’t realize that any supplemental collagen we consume turns to waste in the intestinal tract because it’s not meant to be there—and it’s not harmless waste. When someone consumes supplemental collagen, it actually becomes fuel—not for our body, not for our cells. It becomes fuel for the cells of viruses and bacteria. Supplemental collagen diminishes productive bacteria and feeds unproductive bacteria. Viruses such as EBV feed off supplemental animal collagen.

So do other microbes such as fungus, yeast, and mold. It helps them all proliferate and expand their colonies. Be very wary of mixing collagen with celery juice. While virus cells feeding on supplemental collagen do not release neurotoxins the way virus cells feeding on toxic heavy metals do, that’s hardly an advertisement for supplemental collagen. The virus will still grow and multiply from the supplemental collagen, which will create more virus cells, some of which will feed on heavy metals, and that will result in more neurotoxins in the end anyway.

Someone with autoimmune disease, especially an autoimmune condition that involves weakened connective tissue, should not be consuming supplemental collagen. As I say throughout the Medical Medium series, viruses are what create autoimmune disorders.

Viruses also create tumors, cysts, nodules, and multiple cancers, including breast cancer and some brain cancers. As you know well by now, when celery juice is consumed on its own, it breaks down the membranes of viruses and bacteria, weakening the bacterial bodies of bugs like H. pylori, C. difficile, and strep so it can kill them off. It destroys dangerous varieties of fungus.

Celery juice’s sodium cluster salts then clean up the mess, neutralizing the pathogenic debris that floats around the body and hinders our own natural collagen. Cluster salts also help neutralize pesticides and herbicides in the body and dislodge toxic heavy metals, uprooting them from organ tissue, such as that in the brain, and bringing the heavy metals closer to the surfaces of organs so that blood vessels can be instrumental in moving the toxic heavy metals out of the body completely.

These sodium cluster salts are further responsible for entering the dermis and drawing poison out of the skin, which means drawing the very poisons that threaten to destroy our natural collagen out of our collagen cells. Cluster salts adhere to the toxins and poisons, neutralizing them and flushing them out of the body. With the technique of pure celery juice on an empty stomach, collagen can then prosper inside your body. New cells can develop—because sodium cluster salts amplify the power of the body to create new protein and collagen cells throughout the body.

The minute you combine supplemental collagen with celery juice in your body, you cancel out celery juice’s benefits. Every last sodium cluster salt and enzyme in the juice reacts to the supplemental supplemental collagen negatively, as if it were a toxin. As soon as the celery juice–collagen mixture enters your mouth and stomach, the celery juice’s cluster salts attach themselves to the foreign collagen and try to rid it from the body via the intestinal tract. Trouble is, collagen’s sticky presence engulfs the sodium cluster salts, absorbing them even as the cluster salts are trying to neutralize the supplemental collagen.

There are no benefits to consuming supplemental collagen to begin with, so there are no upsides to be canceled out. There are unbelievable benefits to celery juice, and you lose those by mixing it with collagen. The juice’s sole purpose becomes trying to carry foreign collagen out through the intestinal tract. The supplemental collagen doesn’t even enter the bloodstream; the body eliminates it as waste. Any foreign collagen that does escape the intestinal tract walls gets directed to the liver, giving the organ yet one more troublemaker to sort and stow away.

It’s somewhat similar to how when we take supplemental ox bile, all the liver gets is the opportunity to clean up a big mess. The best action we can take is to support our bodies in producing their own collagen (and bile). Taking supplemental collagen doesn’t help skin, joints, hair, and nails. For that, you need antioxidants, the proper vitamin B12, and the sulfur that naturally occurs in vegetables, as well as the zinc, magnesium, calcium, and silica found in foods and supplements. Along with drinking your pure celery juice regularly and detoxing the liver of its toxic load, these are the elements that truly support you. As much as you might have heard that supplementing that’s a mistaken theory, one that only ends up taking advantage of consumers.